Building Brand Loyalty with Facebook

Posted in Social Media Marketing on May 22nd, 2013

At Pineapple, our clients constantly ask us in the beginning of their campaigns, “How can Facebook help build and develop brand loyalty?”

Social media marketing continues to remain an un-solved mystery for several different brands. It’s almost a necessity for today’s brands to have a voice in social media! In fact the percentage of Americans following a brand on Facebook increased 106% from 2010 to 2012. Wow!

The first step to building Facebook brand loyalty is establishing a Facebook page! Business or brand pages can be built using a personal account. Not sure what we mean by this? Contact our Pineapple marketing geniuses and they’ll be happy to offer assistance.

Even though it’s not required, we recommend brands create custom profile and timeline images. Why? Custom images increase brand identity among fans.

Once a fan page is established, and fully functioning, it’s time to integrate it into the daily lives of fans via consistent, fresh content related to the brand.

Content creation is often times a challenge faced by brands, they tend to create over the top, sales oriented material. While sales material might work well in print and televised advertising, it has adverse effects on social media networks.

Facebook fans are there to interact and engage with a brand, not be slapped in the face with a product. You’re probably thinking we’re crazy for saying this, but a study found that 43% of Facebook users “un-liked” a brand because their content was too pushy!




Coca-Cola is great about avoiding sales oriented content.In this picture, did they ever tell you to directly go out and buy a coke?



Now take a look at Target, they successfully avoided sales content, but added a direct link to the Bocce Ball Set on their website.


 Our Pineapple Social Media Marketers are a big fan of consistent, fresh, and subtle content!

The next step to Facebook brand loyalty is building and maintaining the trust of fans. This is accomplished through answering questions, engaging in conversation, providing great customer service, and rewarding fans for interaction! We’ll discuss this in greater detail at a later time!

Thanks for stopping by the Pineapple Street Studios blog today! If you have any questions, or interested in what we can accomplish for your brand, contact us today! And don’t forget to visit us on Facebook!

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