How much are your Facebook fans worth?

Posted in Social Media Marketing on June 6th, 2013

Do you know how much your Facebook fans are worth? If you’re like most brands, or small businesses, chances are you have never even thought about it.

According to Syncapse, the average Facebook fan has a value of $174.17! That’s an increase of 27.7 percent since 2010 when the average Facebook fan was only worth 136.28 to a brand.

Now that you’re intrigued, let’s learn a little bit more on how brands accurately estimate the value of their fans.

According to Michael Scissons of Syncapse, “The value of a Facebook fan is determined by comparing actual fans versus non-fans across key criteria that determine enterprise value.” In the study done by Syncapse, they took the following into consideration:

1) Spending Habits: How much has been spent on the brands products within the last 12 months compared to other brands in the same category?

2) Brand loyalty: Will the consumer buy the brand again in the future?

3) Recommendations: Will the consumer recommend the brand to their friends and family?

4) Media Value: Reach and frequency achieved via the Facebook platform

5) Organic Membership: The likelihood of achieving an increase in fans organically

6) Brand Affinity: Emotional tie to a brand

BMW has the highest valued fans on Facebook.

BMW has the highest valued fans on Facebook.

What brands have the highest fan value? BMW has the highest value at $1, 613.11 each! Wow! Following far behind is Walmart, whose fans are valued at $834.76 each. Target treads close behind Walmart, with a value of $618.53 per fan, followed by Zara at $405.54 per fan, Levi’s $312.01 per fan, H&M $309.57 per fan, and Victoria’s secret $289.88.

How much are you Facebook fans worth? Contact us today to learn more about Facebook fan value!

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