2. Design
Turning great plans into great designs.

Most people decide whether or not to engage a website within three seconds- before they actually see your cool features and explore what you have to offer. Most first-time visitors will react to your project subconsciously, and almost instantly. Within those brief few moments one of two things will happen: either you will enchant your web traffic, and begin the process of turning them into active visitors and customers, or they will click back and continue somewhere else. Therefore, the design of your project is not just an aesthetic detail; it is the key to your ultimate success.

A strong design will engross your visitors, convert web traffic, and get people to hang around long enough to see how cool your project really is. Pineapple Street Studios offers the full package, from logo and brand design, to full website, webware and app mockups. From business cards to stationery, from your logo through the page-by-page designs of the website or app itself, we cover all the bases. Our team is ready to help create a brand that can encapsulate your vision, and present that vision instantly. Our designers are masters of media. Beyond Photoshop, they have the collective ability to create video, audio, multimedia games and full animations; whatever your project might need. These folks are the creative heart of Pineapple Street, proving the unique blend of fascinating weirdness and radical innovation that makes us just a little bit better than our competitors. Our designers are experts at taking a rough idea, and really running with it, infusing their own creativity and personality in the process. More than hired guns, these guys are genuine artists, always pushing themselves a little harder to do something new.

Don't let a good idea be lost to a bad design.

Let the artists make it art.