3. Development
Turning great designs into great websites and apps.

Our developers and programmers are the geniuses who handle things behind-the-scenes, ensuring that your great design becomes a great website or app that works. Front end technologies like HTML5 and JQuery allow us to implement your pixel-perfect design, and also add those little features that really make it pop. For example: AJAX search, interactive animations, drag-and-drop interfaces, and much more. Back-end technologies such as MySQL and ooPHP allow us to create database-driven systems that provide functionality rivaling traditional software. Technologies such as JAVA and Ruby on Rails allow us to expand beyond the web browser, and support other devices, such as tablets and smart phones. Whatever people are using to connect to your idea, our development team has the necessary skills to make it work.

There are two overriding philosophies that govern everything we develop: organization and gamification.

We develop using best practices, and an MVC architecture that allows for the long-term scaling of your application. This means that your website or app can evolve along with your vision, adding new features, and incorporating new designs as needed. Clean, organized code results in less time wasted debugging, and more time spent innovating.

Gamification refers to the process of making your website or application feel and behave more like a game. A well-designed website or app is clear enough for Grandma to understand, and fun enough to keep little Billy engaged. Users should find your website or app intuitive, and be able to jump in and start using it without delay.

Not just functional, but fun to use, too.

That's the mantra of our development team.