5. Data Services
Data services designed for real-world growth.

Once your project has launched, our data services team is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. When your marketing campaign is a smashing success, and thousands (if not millions) of users start flooding to your website or application, it's the data services team who will make sure you don't lose a single hit to downtime or lag. All of our systems are hosted in the Pineapple Cloud, a distributed computing network that allows us to scale resources up or down in a matter of minutes. Our infrastructure has been designed from the ground up to support growth. From a few hundred to a few million, our data service experts have the experience needed to guide the growth and expansion of large, enterprise-class systems. When your project grows beyond the capacity of one server, we will automatically expand it onto a second, and then a third. We understand you don't have time to worry about load balancers and server redundancy; that's why you have us. Simply stated: you pay only for the resources you use, whatever that might be, no matter the extremes. For example, some clients are seasonal, and experience several months of inactivity, followed by a flood of holiday shoppers. Our architecture can handle this, scaling down (and shrinking the bill) for the off-season, and then scaling back up to handle the Christmas rush. Whatever your hosting and email needs might be, we have the data architecture in place to support them.

In addition to hosting and email, we offer comprehensive security services to keep you and your data safe. Our professionals can run periodic audits on your systems, generate traffic surges for stress testing, automatically scan for known malicious code or activity, and even run hacker simulations to identify any potential vulnerabilities and work with the development team to secure them. We also provide cloud-based backups of your website, email and application data, ensuring that no matter what happens to your physical devices, your data is always safe in the cloud.

Data services provide the solid foundation on which your entire project rests.

Why not rest comfortably on Pineapple Street?